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I have long advocated not fighting with your family on holidays. Familial bonds and friendships are too important to throw away over passing political disagreements. Arguing is probably not going to persuade any of your red-hat-donning relatives, anyway. Based on this realization, I have chosen a sort of preemptive strike. When my role as a patriotic American, for example, comes into conflict with my loyalty to a political party that is ostensibly the home of my political philosophy , the latter must be subordinate to the former. No matter how deeply you care about important conservative policies--defending the right to life, encouraging free markets and entrepreneurship, etc.

If we lose the country, none of the other stuff will matter.

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I get it. So why not just shut up about it? In recent months, you might have noticed, that has changed. Part of the reason for my Trump-centric focus is that he, frankly, wants it that way.

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But I must also confess that the Ukraine call finally convinced me that Trump can never be managed or mitigated. He must be removed or defeated. First, thank you for not bringing up the tired and debunked talking points about Ukraine not knowing the aid was withheld—or the fact that the aid was eventually restored.

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Could it be that you actually already read my column on this? This might sound crazy, but if Trump executed someone on 5th Avenue, it would concern me less, in terms of demonstrating his commitment to faithfully execute the office of president. Why not just let the voters decide? We live in a republic where other elected officials in a co-equal branch also have duties and obligations—to their own supporters, to their own consciences, and to the Constitution.

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This is one of the ways our system insulates itself from the passions of the mob. The mechanism of impeachment is outlined in the Constitution, just like elections are. If what Donald Trump has essentially admitted to doing does not rise to the standard of impeachment, then we should just remove impeachment from the Constitution because that means nothing will ever rise to the standard of impeaching and removing a president.

Finally, Trump was trying to rig his re-election. But for all its easy familiarity, this phenomenon has yet to be examined systematically at a philosophical level. This is what Conservative Claims of Cultural Oppression endeavors to do.

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Conservatives suspect that there is something inherently elitist about liberalism, that liberals employ a deceptive veneer of rationalism and universalism to disguise a parochial ethos, and that this ethos breeds a subtle authoritarianism that liberals refuse to acknowledge and instead project onto conservatives. Conservative Claims of Cultural Oppression tackles the philosophical perplexities raised by this seemingly intractable clash of worldviews and sensibilities.

What would human nature have to be like for conservative claims of cultural oppression to make sense? And what are the moral and political implications of accepting this view of human nature? Conservative claims of cultural oppression are what must become of conservatism once it absorbs the moral and intellectual impulses of the Left into itself, and I here investigate the deeper meaning of this absorption. Can we draw a rigid, clear-cut boundary line between Left and Right, or is this boundary somehow indeterminate, an artifice of cultural convention or social power?

Perhaps liberalism produces its own conservatism just as conservatism produces its own liberalism. These are the questions posed by conservative claims of cultural oppression, and this work advances a comprehensive philosophical theory that provides these claims with a new depth and coherence.

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