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For a moment, however short, Matthew was angry at his position, bound to being an outlaw, never to enter the Grove.

Ann Zwinger

Matthew left that day, and the days to follow, focused on overcoming such petty jealousy. He did his best to find reason. He did not know this woman.

Aspen Grove – Where am I Going

His knowledge of her consisted of descriptions Gabriel had given of her paper work, and now Grayson's telling of her in the Grove. But still, he loved her. He resorted to focusing on conquering his jealousy. Grayson was only fulfilling the task set before him. Matthew's job was to divert Government attention. And that is what he would do. She knew it would bring pestilence and only more drought. But it would bring also the knowledge of a collection free winter. She stood, and looked through the trees.

Grayson stepped around the Aspens, and made his way toward her. No arrows today? Jenny smiled.

Beyond the Aspen Grove

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New Reading List. Send to Friend. Story continues below. Truly classic natural history, not only in it's prose but as a primer for field study at it's best.

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This will inspire any wanderer in nature in the true spirit of the quest for the endless bounty and curiosity to be found at your doorstep. January 15, - Published on Amazon. Although I generally love naturalists writings and I already have several books by Ann Zwinger I'm not as crazy about this one. Her writing is as always, a delight and turn of phrase beautiful but she just zooms the microscope in a bit too far for my tastes.

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I love the trees the air and sea around me but am not so interested in the difference in the microscopic life in the streams and such. So the 4 stars are due to my taste preferences not her writing skills.

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  • October 3, - Published on Amazon. Detailed and charming. A great natural history. Go to Amazon. Discover the best of shopping and entertainment with Amazon Prime.