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What about Jie Ziyang? What about his mother? Not to mention, while snakes are a recurring a theme the fact that specifically the pattern was of a double-headed snake goes nowhere. The entire book is just the series veered off-course and to right itself it pretty much forgets this one existed. You could have made it work but it would have needed to be connected to later books. Jie Ziyang would have had to have been mentioned or introduced earlier, for one. The ableism could have been written out this way too. And it did. It really doubled down on the world building and it gave us the largest cast out of all of the books too.

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The only real exception to this is Shunzi whose backstory with his father ties into the disappearance of the Xisha Expedition Team. He probably died though, to be honest, which makes him remarkably like Jie Ziyang…. The architect, Wang Canghai, was revealed to be behind the bronze fish. Qilin even willing goes marching into it with the army. There are also pockets in the walls here for air such as in the corpse cave. The concepts are given more depth as well. This is what Chen Wen-Jin used to find her way into the desert searching for the empire of the Queen of the West a decade prior.

The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles

The birds with human heads start appearing in this book too which is a symbol of the Queen of the West as well as the snakes that are surprisingly absent here. In fact, I would say that the Iron Triangle and Panzi really shine here. Deadly Desert Winds is nightmare fuel from beginning to end. It starts with Uncle Three, having been cornered in the hospital, explaining everything from start to finish. He went to the site of the prologue where he first saw Jude Kao and came face to face with the remains of his grandfather, great grandfather and uncle.

His uncle, whom he identified because he had only one hand, had somehow become a zombie and he had been forced to destroy him.

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It was a sad moment, yes, but also the first of the frightening encounters this book takes you along on. He also lies about the events of the Xisha Expedition.

He claims that he and his cousin, Jie Lianhuan, who was working for Jude Kao, went down to the undersea tomb during the night. Down there, after discovering corpse eating insect larvae, and desecrating an ominous coffin, they were attacked by someone that neither of them could see and their oxygen supply was damaged in the fight. However,, he also speculates that it could have been Jie Lianhuan that Qilin had seen. They were, as relatives, similar in appearance. Just when you think you might have some time before the next unsettling moment the video tapes arrive.

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The first is of Huo Ling, brushing her hair in a strange room, having not aged from her time during the Xisha expedition. The next is a video where a man looking exactly like Wu Xie, only older, is crawling across the floor. My favourite thing about this book is A Ning though. Yes, this is in spite of the end. This is where she shines. She was great. It might even have been my favourite if not for killing A Ning. It meanders around for a while. The beginning really is ridiculous but it does make me thankful. The snake jumping from tree to tree like Naruto with Panzi in its mouth could have been the entire series.

Even the snakes are bearable then.

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Meeting back up with Uncle Three is when things really get going. It could have been ridiculous, finding out that Uncle Three has been missing ever since the Xisha Expedition and that Jie Lianhuan took his place but it works. His entire tale about the events of the Xisha Expedition were an untruth, reversing the roles to maintain his lie.

The Xisha Expedition team woke up in Golmud with no idea how they got there and no longer aging. In time, they also realised that they would eventually turn into a Forbidden Lady. It also has a case of nostalgia by bringing back the blood zombies which was awesome. It answers enough questions even though it ends on a cliffhanger to be somewhat satisfying. However, I have a lot of issues with this book. A Ning was not only in killed, but it was in such a disrespectful way, after everything she did and everything that she endured, to die by a snake bite.

To have her body become a nesting ground, for her to be reduced to an incubator, it pisses me off but it makes me sad as well.

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There are four women who have been named in six books. A Ning is dead. Her body mutilated. Huo Ling was written as vapid, shallow and clingy in contrast with Chen Wenjin, and then she metamorphosed into a literal monster. Chen Wenjin disappears at the end of Graveyard of a Queen but her transformation into a Forbidden Lady had already begun. Her fate was sealed either way.

This series in particular has drawn some disapproval from those who are familiar with the original language text sorely disappointed in the English translation. In particular, I take issue with the fact that the fandom seems to primarily be about Wu Xie and Qilin in a romantic relationship. The series overall really works.

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  4. She caused hers by letting men who wanted her take her. To my knowledge, Wu Xie and Zhang Qiling being a couple is a narrative that yaoi fangirls pushed. It might be worth looking to see if Yeyu has written a review. I hope that this is helpful to you. Just this because of an upcoming drama adaption and actor I like gonna play Wu Xie!

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