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Mike Nichols 1931-2014

Sometimes people delude themselves that their choice of partner is based on more lofty considerations, but it isn't, it's mostly about carnal appetites, with mercenary considerations also being a factor. Women are generally only interested in men who tickle their libidos, and vice versa.

How depressing. For this reason, often intelligent men and women fall in love with evil idiots, blinded by the luminescence of the halo with which, from their hallucinatory perspective, the object of their carnal desire's person is aureoled. There's nothing more depressing than to see the women you have loved fall in love with fools and fiends. The only one I've ever been with. The one I crave emotionally, spiritually, physically. The one ice always needed, bud who had never needed me. The one who doesn't even bother acknowledging my love but allows me to be her provider.

The one who barely acknowledged my physical need for her after year ten, told me she didn't live me at year 14, and completely cut me off at year I so everything for her and live with a constant ache in my chest because I love her so but go to my separate room knowing she had no love for me but will always expect me to be her provider. I will. This could only make someone feel better if he took pride in knowing he'd caused a fraction of the pain he felt. If he's not completely sociopathic, he has one more reason to be angry with himself. Dear Ahmet, You have my deepest sympathy.

It sounds like a very difficult spot to be in.

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Is there any chance that you might be able to speak to a therapist? A good therapist could help you understand why you are drawn to heterosexual men who would not be able to reciprocate your affection. Then you could begin to look for a man who would be happy to love you back. I hope that that will happen for you soon! All the best, Diane. I've been in love with a girl for five years now. Since I met her, I felt something that I can't explain. I've never felt it before. Now at the time I realized this, she was with someone so I kept quiet and was there for her. Couple of months later,they broke up.

I waited some time, we got close. We told each other about our families,she's had difficulty with her parents being homosexual, I was there for her you know? Than one day I told her my feelings and we got even more closer.

Years have passed, she's been dating other people, I haven't. Every time she started dating someone, I tried leaving. I didn't want to be a part of it. She always brings me back, like she texts me or confronted me at a place I couldn't avoid her.

Alan Beale's Core Vocabulary Compiled from 3 Small ESL Dictionaries (21877 Words)

We began talking again, yes, even if she still had a partner. We have never done anything physical, just emotional. Present day, she is in the army and we're writing to each other,she is now "single". I love her, but she has hurt me to much.

Spanish / American Narratives of Corporeal Difference and Disability

I'm tiered of this but I have no idea how to let go. I am still trying hard. I realize that this has been a pattern my entire life, seeking love from one beautiful unloving source. It most likely stems from my mother who was Either way I see the problem. IT may just take time. My ex wife is the center of my universe. It is like an ocd.

Everything I do, everyone I meet It's like i am trying to prove myself to her. I wondered why I am so afraid to be rejected by someone new, but yet I am not afraid to be rejected by my ex wife who has a Why is this? Well it must be that if i am rejected by someone new it validates her rejection of me. And all I want to do is prove my value to her.

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So I see the whole flaw of this. I am actively praying to move on from my ex. Sure she flirts with me and seeks my attention every so often. She wanted me to take her and the kids out for her birthday. Of course I obliged, and moved mountains to make it special for her. THat's it. THere is nothing else there.

She just wants me to make a move on her so she can pull away. I wont' play that game anymore.

We are coparents. Yes I am extremely attracted to her. Yes I want us to get back together. I admit that. I also admit that is not happening and I want to move on. I would not date anyone else, not did i even want to. I just hoped and prayed that we would end up together.

THe only time I did not pine was in my marriage, and I obsessed over other negative things So I see the problem.

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  • I am 40 years old and changing habits is not an easy thing to do. I am committed though.

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    Pining over unloving sources, and binge eating. Those are my two challenges these days.

    I am patient and loving with my self. I put myself in a position to succeed. I care for myself as I would a friend. I really want to move on.