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Given the same feedback, each will hear it differently—and that requires you to think about how best to customize your input for each staffer. How do you know how to do that? Well… Work on the entire relationship. Knowing how to frame feedback for an individual staffer requires you actually know the staffer.

Which brings us to another point of common sense: the stronger your relationships with your staff, the more likely your feedback will be greeted with trust and openness. After all, if your relationship is strong, you will have demonstrated in all manner of ways — your assignments, your advocacy and your interest in their personal goals — that you are working on their behalf. Once that bond of trust exists, your feedback is much more likely to be welcomed and accepted. Ask a question. Feedback does not have to be a series of statements. When you like the way someone did something, why not ask why she did it that way?

My friend, Jill Geisler, points out that you get several benefits from this tactic: the staffer knows you like the work, and you help the staffer think about what made her approach succeed. The more the staffer thinks about that, the more likely she is to replicate it. Mission accomplished. Balance the positive and negative. If someone does good work, identify areas in which they can get even better, new approaches they might try, ways they can stretch. Because we all can. And the balance you achieve with your suggestions can help your compliments gain credibility.

Occasionally, go deep. Your day-to-day, routine feedback will usually involve work the staffer did yesterday or today. So, I wrote out the feedback in detail and emailed it to him. Writing out the feedback gave us the space to consider why we fell into this dynamic without the pressure of having to respond in the moment. That email helped us create a new mode of communication, and interactions since then are much more constructive. Written feedback should follow the same form as verbal feedback -- simple and concise, with concrete examples that shows how the person's actions affect you without accusation.

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Employee Feedback. Next Article -- shares Add to Queue. Image credit: Morsa Images Getty Images. Deb Liu. Guest Writer. August 7, 6 min read. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. For one, give yourself more time for small talk. Even a few extra minutes at the beginning or end of every call can help you make a personal connection with them.

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It will help improve your working relationship and build trust over time. Also, dive into work-related issues and gather as much feedback as possible. Use these one on one meeting questions to help you build rapport with remote employees and identify potential issues to work with them to resolve. Recent research from Dr. Bradford S. This can affect not only their happiness but their health as well. However, the same study found that those who had regular contact with friends or colleagues showed no negative effects.

One on ones allow you to build rapport and work through issues.

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They also make your remote employees feel connected and supported. Investing in better, high quality one on one meetings for your remote team members has far-reaching, positive effects. All of these one on one meeting questions will help you build stronger relationships with your team members. However, a conversation should only be the start. Action is what leads to change and improvement. It creates a psychological contract between the two of you to both keep your promises. It also reminds your team member that you really listen, and when they have the courage to bring up issues, it leads to things happening.

The 5 Best Ways to Get Feedback from Your Customers

Your team will not trust you to continue bringing up issues if nothing happens or changes. You can avoid all that by being explicit. Want help doing this?

Then get a free trial of Lighthouse here , as it helps you remember to do this and automates your actionable followup. For most newer managers and their teams, these 6 categories of one on one meeting questions are a revelation; suddenly one on ones have a real purpose and value not found any other way. As one team member whose manager used Lighthouse which has over one on one meeting questions available right with your notes remarked:. Want to have great discussions in your 1 on 1s?

Want to continue learning about 1 on 1s? This post is one of dozens we have to help you be your best in any situation.

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Find our comprehensive guide to one on one meetings here. Learn something today?

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