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Hecate Strait | strait, Canada | Britannica

Fargo A. Abstract Species catch-rate data from a series of four trawl surveys of the Hecate Strait region in British Columbia, on the Pacific continental shelf of Canada were analysed using agglomerative clustering techniques. Recommended articles Citing articles 0.

They are considered to be the largest living example of glass sponge reefs that were abundant during the Jurassic period. The reefs are very large, covering a total area of about km 2. They are located at depths of to m below the surface, with the largest being 35 km long, 15 km wide and 25 m tall. These sponges are fragile, with skeletons made of silica, or glass. Sponges are easily broken on impact, and can be smothered by increased sediment.

The ocean conditions necessary to allow such large reefs to develop are rare, and the fragility of the reefs make them vulnerable to damage from human activity. The sponge reefs provide refuge, habitat, and nursery grounds for aquatic species, including commercially important rockfish and other finfish and shellfish species.

Scads of sponge: Glass sponge reefs designated Marine Protected Area in Hecate Strait

The four reefs were closed to groundfish trawl fishing in In the initial closures were expanded in size and in gear restrictions to provide more protection for the reefs. However, the trawl fishery closures addressed only one potentially harmful activity.

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MPA designation provides comprehensive and long-term management and protection for the areas, and allows DFO to effectively manage the broad range of activities that could damage elements of this ecosystem. The Management Plan will be collaboratively developed and describe a cooperative approach for MPA management.

Hecate Strait

It outlines guiding principles, describes goals and objectives, identifies management tools for the area, highlights education and outreach, and addresses surveillance, enforcement and user compliance. The inclusion of regulatory and non-regulatory measures is essential to ensuring the continued support of other legislation, regulations and policies that contribute to the protection of this area.

Hecate Strait Sea Storm (August 2013)

This study garnered baseline data for Fisheries and Oceans Canada to improve their capacity for monitoring changes in the status and health of sponge reef ecosystems in Canada. This thesis, or any portion thereof, may not otherwise be copied or reproduced without the written consent of the copyright owner, except to the extent permitted by Canadian copyright law. More information Show less Suzanne Tank, Department of Biological Sciences.

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